In the tiny town of Niwot, Colorado, there’s a brewery.  It’s Colorado.  Of course there’s a brewery.

Powder Keg Brewing‘s tap room sits on the edge of main street, sharing warehouse space with the brewery.

I happened to stop by during the Rockies’ home opener, so both the town and brewhouse were virtually deserted.

For a small town (about 4,000), Powder Keg has a large space and a nice selection of beers, including some barrel-aged sours.  As this was my last stop on the trip, I was running on fumes and settled for a couple of samples.

The Steam Steed IPA was interesting – it contains Rakau hops which I wasn’t familiar with, but had a nice floral and citrus bite.

Remix One is a tart, dry, funky saison with white wine flavors to it.   A good way to end a very long trip.